David Seah’s Groundhog Day Resolution

Groundhog Day Resolution Review 7/7/2012: The Third Stage of Achievement | David Seah.

I enjoy the products and the thoughts of David Seah.  You should go check him out!! It seems that he is wrestling with some of the same issues that maybe you and I are dealing with.

Here are his Groundhog Day Affirmations:

  1. Raising income by building passive income. That would allow me to work less to support myself, freeing up time to do interesting projects.
  2. Making time to commune with people.
  3. Being around nice people who strive for excellence.

Can you identify with these?  I know I can.  Especially for someone who is either on salary or on an hourly wage as a consultant, how do we get to the “4 hour work week”?  I need to identify methods of working when I am not.

How about the social aspect? I think we all would desire to work with positive interesting people who challenge us to be our best. I need to allow more people and situations like these into my life and minimize those who are a drain.

How can I strive for “exploring dreams, actions and excellence”?