A personal effectiveness strategy for the connection economy

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Format: Paper

Keywords: Design thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Time management, Creativity


The world economic system and the ideas behind them are changing.  We have passed from an industrial economy, specializing in the manufacture of products, through an information economy, that harnessed great amounts of raw data, to an economy that is based on the ability to make connections and bring meaning to the deluge.  It is in the connection economy that the world desires to have authenticity, personal connection, meaningful relationships and a customized response.

I believe we are at a paradigm shift that will require us to rethink, restructure and retool the nature of our work, our learning, our energies and our systems.  Individually, we as members of the creative class, are uniquely poised to not only have a huge impact, but will be required to adapt to produce and to produce in ourselves what is authentic, meaningful and necessary.

This paper will discuss; the difference between the industrial, information and connection economies; the nature of creativity; current and traditional design pedagogy; the strategies for design thought and thinking; the differences this poses with the current business models; the systems and strategies we need to cultivate opportunities and employ for personal effectiveness in the age of connection and distraction.